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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part IV

Posted by on 27 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Connections, Recommendations


Connecting to thousands of people brings you more recommendations!

This is a feel good reason to connect indiscriminately, but let’s have a closer look at it, shall we?

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Buy The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

Posted by on 16 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Recommendations


A concise introduction to LinkedIn, saves time, under $9, guaranteed.

That’s what I’d like to make sure my readers understand about the book.

You see, in a conversation this past week I mentioned the book and a friend said “You wrote a book?”, and I went oof…  For some reason I seem to be not quite as adept at promoting the book as I am about giving out advice on how to use LinkedIn.

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Five LinkedIn Articles From The Archive You Might Have Missed

Posted by on 28 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: Connections, Profiles, Recommendations


While I published The LinkedIn Personal Trainer in June of 2007, I re-launched this blog in May of 2008 with a new look. It’s worked well, and readership is doing very well.

But most of you weren’t there in 2008;-)

And I wrote some key articles that I keep referring to, and I thought I’d pull out five for you.

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LinkedIn and Recommendations and Lawsuits, Oh My!

Posted by on 19 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Recommendations


A post over on got my dander up, so I thought I’d deal with it more fully here…

Can you get in legal trouble over a recommendation?

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The Agonizingly Long Profile

Posted by on 10 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Profiles, Recommendations


You know that I’d like you to put the right amount of effort into your LinkedIn experience, craft a great personal brand, and succeed fabulously, right?

In an email exchange with Ryan, he dropped a pair of words that dealt perfectly with the LinkedIn over-achiever – that they had an “agonizingly long” profile…

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Projects

Posted by on 03 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Connections, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Profiles, Recommendations, Teleseminars, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’m really excited about creating this program – The Project Solvers and I have developed a workshop on Thursday July 16th for project teams and managers.

Besides the usual questions about how to use LinkedIn, we’ll show participants a tools set that will allow you to run projects effectively through LinkedIn and a few of the additional applications tied into the service.

How can project members communicate across the team?

Is there a way to share project plans and documents?

Can we get feedback from the development community, or the marketplace?

If our project team is scattered across several companies, cities, and continents, how can we setup an environment that lets us all do what we have to do?

All those questions – and more – will be answering for the workshop participants!

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Financial Advisors Take Care About Recomendations

Posted by on 20 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: About the Service, Recommendations


Ever since I’ve started helping people learn how to use the system, I’ve had very good results in explaining why Financial Advisors want to use LinkedIn.

When I returned to some of my contacts to see if I could teach the entire office, the reaction was always luke-warm – even though the individual was ecstatic about the potential.  At one point, one of them clued me in – as a potential mechanism to contact clients, the IT staff of their organization wasn’t keen about LinkedIn.

This week I found another article with a different issue that might get in the way…

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Reaching for 100%

Posted by on 14 Aug 2008 | Tagged as: Connections, Profiles, Recommendations, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I just answered a question on LinkedIn about adding recommendations to add 5% towards that “100% complete” figure…

If it helps motivate you great, if it doesn’t – ignore it.

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