The Agonizingly Long Profile

You know that I’d like you to put the right amount of effort into your LinkedIn experience, craft a great personal brand, and succeed fabulously, right?

In an email exchange with Ryan, he dropped a pair of words that dealt perfectly with the LinkedIn over-achiever – that they had an “agonizingly long” profile…


The first thing I mention in all my training is that in order to be found, you need to include the relevant terms for your industry.

No terms, no getting found with a search.


The next aspect is to portray yourself as a great individual.

You do this with your summary and your platform or personal brand – both topics I’ve written about.

Someone people will want to reach out to

And if you do this correctly, others will find you, see that you’ve got what they need, and reach out to you through an introduction or some other means.

Size isn’t the only thing that matters…

And just like a recent post indicated, having a whole lot of connections may appear to look good but do nothing.

Having a huge profile that wanders all over the place may miss the point, or rather may allow the reader to miss the point – of contacting you.

Does the reader get the essence of you – without having to plow through fields of information?

Is the message consistent?

The profile’s cousin – recommendations

And just to punctuate this with the other abused feature – think about your recommendations.  Do you have some?

Like your profile – having nothing there is an issue, but having too much is also an issue.  Think how much effort is wasted on the profile that displays 584 recommendations…-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock