Reaching for 100%

I just answered a question on LinkedIn about adding recommendations to add 5% towards that “100% complete” figure…

If it helps motivate you great, if it doesn’t – ignore it.

More use provides a better experience

I’ve written about individuals with incomplete profiles – it doesn’t make sense to use the system and leave your profile empty.

So – all things being equal, a user that fills in more of their profile, connects to more users, and uses the system more, will have a better experience.

Quality vs quantity

So in an odd reversal, LinkedIn is encouraging quantity – how much of your profile you’ve filled in, over quality – how well you’ve filled it in.

The reasoning is simple – LinkedIn has no way of understanding how well you’ve completed your profile, merely that you’ve placed text in it.

Imaginary completeness

Understand that this is an arbitrary figure that has no reflection of the quality of your profile, simply the quantity of it.

There’s no brass ring for reaching 100%, but if it helps encourage you to spend time filling out your profile and connecting – great.


But don’t sweat it – just don’t forget about taking consistent action to move yourself forward.

To your continued success with LinkedIn,