Buy The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

A concise introduction to LinkedIn, saves time, under $9, guaranteed.

That’s what I’d like to make sure my readers understand about the book.

You see, in a conversation this past week I mentioned the book and a friend said “You wrote a book?”, and I went oof…  For some reason I seem to be not quite as adept at promoting the book as I am about giving out advice on how to use LinkedIn.

Yes – there’s a book!

So first things first – yes, I wrote “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer” as a guide for new LinkedIn users.

It’s a concise walk through of the system that takes a novice from zero to sixty in under two hours. If you happen to fit the criteria of being new to LinkedIn and would like to understand what’s going on, it’s absolutely right for you.

This site is built around the book as a platform to help LinkedIn users of all experience levels.

Yes, you can buy it here;-)

The paperback edition is available at all online retailers – here’s a link to the page. They discount it to $16.15.

I sell the e-book version for $8.95 – and have included a “Get the Book” icon in the top right corner of this site that leads to my “sales page” that’s all about explaining why you’d want to buy the book.

And I stand by the words that begin this article…

A concise introduction to LinkedIn

It’s not a big book – but I expect you to actually read the book through and complete the exercises – that will help you get started in a very positive way with LinkedIn.

Saves time

Yes, you could search the internet for articles and tips – but they wouldn’t be put together to get you going in this way.  I figure it’ll save 4-6 hours, and if you only save one hour, isn’t it still worth it?

Under $9

Yup – I sell the e-book for $8.95, and if you’ve read this far, just use the code “TWITTER” in the discount box on the sales form and I’ll take 20% off the price – reducing it to just $7.16. [The code will work only for the week following this posting]


I definitely stand behind the book. I guarantee that you’ll find the book understandable, the contents helpful, and your LinkedIn experience improved after you get and read the book.

And yes, I do actually expect you to read the book before considering taking me up on this guarantee;-)

I’ve compared my return rates to the industry, and my figures are much lower.

And pass the word please

If you like what I’ve got here and in the book – please pass the pepper.  ‘Er I mean let your friends know about the site;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock