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Top 10 Articles In 2011 On The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

Posted by on 29 Dec 2011 | Tagged as: About the Service, Applications, Connections, Entrepreneurial, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Jobs, Outside LinkedIn, Polls, Profiles, Recommendations, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Let’s take a moment to ring out 2011 and look back at some of the most read articles for the year.

It’s been an interesting one with the release of The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer and the public stock offering from LinkedIn. (The later of which didn’t make much of an impact here…)

It’s hard to compare an article written in January against an article written in November – the one’s just been around a whole lot longer to attract attention. So I’ve used a bit of a weighting to try to factor that in.

And so – here they are – the top ten articles from 2011…

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Repost – Twelve Days Of LinkedIn

Posted by on 13 Dec 2011 | Tagged as: Applications, Connections, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Jobs, Profiles, Recommendations, Search


Since it happens to be 12 days before the big day, I thought it might be fun to point out the “Twelve Days of LinkedIn” video. Short, unaccompanied, and hopefully worth a chuckle or two…

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock

LinkedIn And Dealing With Harassment

Posted by on 07 Dec 2010 | Tagged as: About the Service, Etiquette


I almost titled this post “LinkedIn Harassment”, but harassment really goes beyond LinkedIn and I didn’t want to imply that the site is bothersome, or that the site is used as a bother.

But really – I wanted to talk about what you might do if you’re being harassed, and you still want to use LinkedIn.

Let’s look into some settings the site has and how you might use them.

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Receiving Unwelcome LinkedIn Mail

Posted by on 26 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: About the Service, Etiquette


“Steve, what’s up? Fred”

Great to get – unless you don’t happen to know Fred…

Then it’s an annoyance.

Michael asked in an email if I’d address this issue – and that sounds like fun, so let’s look at it.

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Asking to Build a Relationship First

Posted by on 29 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: Connections, Etiquette, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’ve just got to drop this right out on the blog – I know the article on LinkedIn SEO is “next”, but an exchange I had today on LinkedIn gave me a great boost and I have to share it.

How often do you get invitations to connect from people you’ve never heard of?

Given the subject of my book and blog, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it happens quite often to me…

But not today – today I received an invitation to build a relationship!

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The Protection of Dealing with Friends of Friends

Posted by on 02 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: About the Service, Etiquette, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Have you ever gotten into a bad deal, or been taken advantage of?

Sure – we all have.  It happens some times.

How about this – how often have you driven down that road when a good friend has recommended you meet someone?

Probably not so often, right?

So think for a moment about your connections on LinkedIn…

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Projects

Posted by on 03 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Connections, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Profiles, Recommendations, Teleseminars, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’m really excited about creating this program – The Project Solvers and I have developed a workshop on Thursday July 16th for project teams and managers.

Besides the usual questions about how to use LinkedIn, we’ll show participants a tools set that will allow you to run projects effectively through LinkedIn and a few of the additional applications tied into the service.

How can project members communicate across the team?

Is there a way to share project plans and documents?

Can we get feedback from the development community, or the marketplace?

If our project team is scattered across several companies, cities, and continents, how can we setup an environment that lets us all do what we have to do?

All those questions – and more – will be answering for the workshop participants!

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Don’t Send An Invitation When You Want An Introduction!

Posted by on 24 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Connections, Etiquette, Introductions, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This topic has come up a couple times when I’ve responded to people I don’t know who have invited me to connect.  My standard reply is “We don’t know each other, but I’m happy to use this opening as the start of a relationship.”

Every once in a while one will write back saying “Oh – I really wanted to get in touch to ask about …”

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