Five LinkedIn Articles From The Archive You Might Have Missed

While I published The LinkedIn Personal Trainer in June of 2007, I re-launched this blog in May of 2008 with a new look. It’s worked well, and readership is doing very well.

But most of you weren’t there in 2008;-)

And I wrote some key articles that I keep referring to, and I thought I’d pull out five for you.

Connect to those you know and trust

This is critical to success in several ways.

You don’t have many ways to share your little black book with close friends – so why corrupt that by connecting to people you don’t know?

You already have means to spam – I mean market – to lots of people on the internet, why would you choose to limit your use of LinkedIn?

This is the article where I tell you to treat your LinkedIn connections like VIPs – and I still mean it.

Profile summaries and your personal brand

Just a bit later I looked around and realized that a whole lot of profiles lacked a summary – zip, nada, zilch… That prompted me to implore people to get to work and build a summary for their LinkedIn profile.

Sadly, I repeated my test – and found three people out of ten that still did not have a summary…

And after telling people to create the summary, I went on and suggested that the LinkedIn profile as a whole has to establish your platform or personal brand.

So now you had a little better idea of what to put in there…

Memorable endorsements

And yes, what compliments your profile and connections – endorsements.

But don’t just add any old endorsement, make sure readers of your LinkedIn endorsements / recommendations will remember the endorsement – and you.

Helping others get together

And lastly, I shared a simple trick by helping you become a matchmaker – and bringing together people that might not otherwise know each other.

There are just a few ways of becoming a hero to your professional associates and friends – and this is one of them.

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You can find these articles and more in the archives of this blog – and I hope you take some time and look around;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock