I chose to become a LinkedIn student this past summer and my first stop was Google. My search led me to Steve's LinkedIn Personal Trainer ebook. It was Steve's book that helped me take the first baby steps, build my profile, then build my confidence and knowledge in expanding my visibility and reach. What amazed me along my learning journey is that Steve responded to phone calls and emails from me. I invited Steve to come to Atlanta to speak to a business group I'm involved with. He is a world class professional not to mention a LinkedIn black belt.

Today I am fully monetizing LinkedIn and it all started with Steve's user-friendly ebook. It truly and literally turned out to be a goldmine of information and this "LinkedIn Lady" is very grateful.

-- Susan Conley

Hi Steven,

Your book made me add

  • Management seminars/courses I had taken that were not an university degree
  • Interests that can open discussions like orienteering etc.
  • Content that did not speak to my official work title, but more generic to increase visibility in the LinkedIn community

It also made me remove

  • Information that may be sensitive since my employers were all listed on the stock market
  • 30% of my contact base since I was unable to recommend them to anybody within the LinkedIn community
  • Invitations to people that I know will never build a LinkedIn profile of 80% or more

I have landed two jobs through LinkedIn and more importantly managed to exchange strategic information within my network that helped our combined companies to make considerable cost savings. Manay event/seminar inviations come from LinkedIn members which gives a chance to validate it's value add.

Overall I must say that the ROI on $8.95 was overwhelming and hence the reason why you are mentioned in my Successful Career Mentoring blog on www.gobbla.com

All the best and I look forward to your next blog post.

-- Martin,
Montreal, Canada

I needed to get up to speed very quickly on LinkedIn in order to participate in a presentation to our Attorneys. I found it [the book] to be a very helpful tool, a good value that combined technical how to with the "social" impact of your actions, and it paved the way for me to identify specific topics that I wanted to delve into more deeply.

-- Ann J

The e-book “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer” was very helpful. I am sure we could not have hit the ground running without it.

-- Ronald A. Gasser,
Proven Process Medical Devices

Hi Steve, You may recall that I'm the guy who asked for your help regarding custom invitations to non-LinkedIn persons. Your patient, informative and very helpful responses were great. That you took the time to engage in (and help solve) my dilemma was especially appreciated, and valued. As I mentioned, the book's format, learning sequence and overall accessibility were excellent for the subject matter, and I've highly recommended it to friends and colleagues. All the best and continued success. Regards, Bob

-- Bob Lavery,
Lavery & Associates, Ltd.

I had been fairly active on LinkedIn building my network for almost 2 years, but was disappointed with the results as a passive networking tool. Thanks to you, that has changed for me recently. After applying the insights in "The LinkedIn Personal Trainer", I am starting to become 'found' and have had several unsolicited on-target inquiries about my availability to work on interesting projects. Thank you for this generous body of work and particularly how you organized it for time efficient application.

You demystified LinkedIn for me as an entrée to social networking, so no I am now studying Facebook, Twitter, and blogging because I now believe I can develop an effective and integrated social networking strategy.

-- Raleigh Ormerod


I enjoyed your book and found it informative and useful. Also very easy to read and navigate to areas of interest.

... I am interested in LinkedIn and used your book as means to gain a better understanding [of] how it works and where its potential lies. Based on the information gained from your book, I am planning to give LinkedIn a try in the near future.

I would recommend your book to others.

-- Krag

Hi Steven,

I am still using the book. I haven't had time to sit and work on it as much as we want, but you did a great job. I am letting my agents in the office use the book as well. We are all socially network challenged as it does take time.

I did get a new listing out of being LinkedIn so it will most likely pay for itself. We expect to use it to help those interested in investing in real estate in the Florida Keys. Our prices are at 2004 levels and there are great buys coming on the market daily.

Good Luck to you.

-- Shawn Wilson,
Keyside Properties

Dear Steven,

Before I purchased your materials, my skills on LinkedIn were next to nothing. I was on LinkedIn, but that was it. No profile or details about myself.

Your book did as advertised. It contained easy to read and apply materials. I was able to put in my profile, build my network, add my photo and begin the process of communicating with people through the use of LinkedIn. It was not particularly hard, but without the book to read I doubt that I would have tried.

So thanks for the help provided by your book. Unlike many cases where the advertisement does not meet expectations, your book was clear, concise and helpful.

Best Regards,

-- Greg Stehr

I thought the book was a big help with my social media marketing. Thanks!

-- Stephen Evans

I loved the book. I’m still a LinkedIn novice but I’m quite a fan of it and your book.

-- Cynthia

Thank you for your help and I can't put a price on what the book as done for myself and the others I have shared it with.

-- Danny Stella,
Expetec of Jacksonville