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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Linked Things

30 Aug 2010 | : About the Service


If you haven’t guessed, I’m working through the lyrics of the video – because in order to make it in, I really did have to think highly of each favorite thing;-)

This line gives me a chance to reflect…

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Wonderful Coworkers Recommending

27 Aug 2010 | : Connections, Recommendations


Some skeptics seem to think that LinkedIn recommendations are not worthwhile, but to me – they’re golden.

As I mentioned last post – if you’re connecting to people you know, the things they write will absolutely support you.

So let’s look…

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Warm Friendly Tweeters

24 Aug 2010 | : About the Service


I’m new to the twitter world, but definitely enjoy seeing good tweets coming through LinkedIn.

If you’re connecting to people you know, the twitter connection makes it easy to keep everyone aware of what’s going on.

But you’ve got to keep a handle on things…

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Groups With Nice Members

19 Aug 2010 | : Groups


Group functionality has come a long way on LinkedIn since the early days, and one of the aspects that is a must for successful group interactions and livelihood is the attitude of members.

Let’s look at some of the ways it might be one of my favorite linked things…

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Any Instances of Fake LinkedIn Email?

16 Aug 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


I’ve been reading on some supposed email that uses the look of LinkedIn invitations to get by spam/threat filters.

Have you actually seen any?!?

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Updates From Seekers

13 Aug 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Getting updates from job seekers helps keep you aware of the changes in their life and may just help you help them.

Let’s consider some of the updates they might make…

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Invites From Good Friends

10 Aug 2010 | : Connections


What’s not to like about them?

And that’s why they made the opening of the video – so let’s talk about invitations for a moment.

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Favorite Linked Things

03 Aug 2010 | : About the Service, Connections, Entrepreneurial, Groups, Introductions, Jobs, Profiles, Recommendations, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Here’s a bit of a tribute to LinkedIn for all my readers – I hope you enjoy it!

This thread will also help me start a number of postings over the next few weeks as I cover each of these favorite things – to explain them a little further.

Visiting this site for the first time?

If the video has brought you to The LinkedIn Personal Trainer for the very first time, a bit of an introduction is in order.

Hi – I’m steve!

And I wrote The LinkedIn Personal Trainer as a concise guide to getting started with LinkedIn – and sell it in both paperback and e-book formats.

This site is dedicated to exploring and using LinkedIn as an extension of that book.


I’ve written nearly 200 additional articles about new features, happenings in the LinkedIn world, and reader questions – and they’re all available to you through the “Archives”, “Categories”, and “Search” sections off in the header or right column.

Reader feedback

I’m always interested in the issues you face and looking for material for articles, so please don’t be a stranger. If you leave a comment, or send me a note, I’ll do my very best to respond quickly.

Like what you read?

And lastly, if you like what you’ve read here, please sign up for the email feed (or RSS if you prefer that) in the top right corner.

When you enter your email address, I’ll give you a short note whenever a new article is posted – so you don’t have to keep checking back.

The email will include the headline and first paragraph of the topic – and if you’re not interested, just delete it and move on.  If the topic is of interest, there will be a link to click over for the full article.

And spread the word

Perhaps the biggest thing you can do to help me, is to spread the word about this site. If you learned something here, recommend the to others.

As always, I remain committed to your continued success,


Steven Tylock

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