Invites From Good Friends

What’s not to like about them?

And that’s why they made the opening of the video – so let’s talk about invitations for a moment.

Sending Invitations

My advice has always bee to invite and connect to those that you know and trust.

And so, when you see good friends on LinkedIn, you want to invite them to connect – because you presumably both know and trust them.

And what’s better than inviting them?

Having them invite you!

And no, I’m not speaking from the perspective that when other people invite you to connect it uses up their invitation and not yours…

It’s that they began using LinkedIn and found you – two very good things!

Beginning to use LinkedIn

You find others when you use the system, right? But you can’t find others on the system before they actually start to use it…

And while you are happy when you do find others, they could start using LinkedIn on their own and you might not notice it.

Getting found

The even better news is that they found you!

You may never know if they searched for you by name, location, company, or keyword – or if they saw that you already connected to someone else they found – or if LinkedIn suggested your name to them.

The key is this – without any effort on your part, the other person located you – and sent off the invitation.

And that is absolutely one of my favorite things!

Keep spreading the word

I’m not quite sure how you feel about the video, so I’m going to continue to ask – have you seen it?


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To your continued success,


Steven Tylock