Updates From Seekers

Getting updates from job seekers helps keep you aware of the changes in their life and may just help you help them.

Let’s consider some of the updates they might make…

Lost my job

This is often the first in the cycle – someone I know has entered the ranks of those looking for work.

And why wouldn’t they want to let me know about it?

One of my most favorite and memorable was when a great contact and former co-worker announced that he had been let go.  No, I don’t mean that in the sense that it was great that he had been let go, but the followup was amazing. Within days he was fielding offers – because he was that good.  And when he said “I didn’t tell anybody”, I pointed out that he had updated his status, and we all saw it.  He was back to work a week later.

Active in a job search

I always like to see that people are taking charge of their future – and seeing updates from one of my contacts means that he or she is taking action.

It lets me reinforce that action and offer advice or suggestions that might have come to mind only because I saw that they were headed to a specific conference or event next week.

(And when I’m saying that I do that, I mean that you can do that too!)

Landed a position

Who wouldn’t like to hear back from a good friend: “Landed a position with XYZ!”

That gives you the perfect opportunity to congratulate them and wish them well with this new endeavor.

No whining

Ok, there is one class of updates I’d rather not see – whining;-)

I’m likely just to gloss over it, but I really would rather see that individual with a positive attitude and outlook. And complaining in a forum like LinkedIn probably isn’t going to change anything…

Viewing the video

Does it count as informative or merely entertaining?


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock