I’ve been reading on some supposed email that uses the look of LinkedIn invitations to get by spam/threat filters.

Have you actually seen any?!?

Not from LinkedIn

Clearly LinkedIn is not in any way shape or form connected to these messages – but that’s good to consider up front;-)

Because messages from LinkedIn are treated nicely by filters, it was an easy mashup – hey – if we take our spammy virusy email messages and make it look like they are coming from LinkedIn, they’ll get through!

Another reason to avoid strangers

The payoff of course is when an unsuspecting end user clicks on the link.

So don’t click on the link to connect to “Sinister Sneed” who says he knows you…

Send them to me!

But here’s my real request – I don’t know if this is actually happening or not.

Some organization out there is saying they’ve received these, but I have no indication that there is an actual problem.

If you get a message that appears to be a spam / solicitation / or otherwise which is made to look like a note from LinkedIn, please send me a copy. It might be fun to look into…

Safe messaging

And in the mean time, don’t go around clicking on links that look suspect, connect to people you don’t recognize, or do any of those other unsafe things;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock