Warm Friendly Tweeters

I’m new to the twitter world, but definitely enjoy seeing good tweets coming through LinkedIn.

If you’re connecting to people you know, the twitter connection makes it easy to keep everyone aware of what’s going on.

But you’ve got to keep a handle on things…

First – the mechanics

The LinkedIn system will act as a bridge to and from the twitterverse. You’re looking for Settings -> Twitter Settings.

From this area you can connect your twitter account and configure how you want it handled.

You can have all tweets come through as LinkedIn updates, or only those you designate with #in or #li.  I chose the later because I don’t want random tweets coming into my LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn and twitter are different environments, and the casual atmosphere of twitter does not extend to LinkedIn.

You can also have LinkedIn updates flow to twitter. I don’t, but you may want to – consider this a personal preference.

Other users’ activity…

How does it work? Well just go to your LinkedIn home and look at the “Network Activity” – if you have updates that came from twitter, you’ll see “via Twitter” below the item.

And so when other people are tweeting through, you can see it on the LinkedIn home page.

If you keep up with your messages with RSS, they will be in that stream as well. (If you want to find out about RSS, search the site with the tool in the right sidebar for RSS and find a couple articles I’ve mentioned it in before)

Stay nice – and professional

As I hinted at above, the update stream and twitter in general can be a good and positive communication mechanism.  Post negative or unprofessional material at your own peril;-)

Viewing the video

As with all the posts in this series, here’s the video:


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock