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Funding From Angels

29 Sep 2010 | : Entrepreneurial, Ways to Use LinkedIn


If you’re looking for an angel investment in your startup and you haven’t been using LinkedIn, you are literally leaving money on the table.

(Some people use the word literally when they mean figuratively, but in this case, I really think you are leaving money on the table!-)

It came up earlier when I wrote about Gishido “Raising Venture Funds Through LinkedIn“, and it’s clearly a favorite thing about LinkedIn.

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Phone Apps That Work When I’m In The West Wing

24 Sep 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


So I’ll agree that the whole “West Wing” portion of this Favorite Linked Thing is mostly a catchy rhyme and not something I have personal experience with…

(Though I would be happy to visit, and I hear that they do in fact use smart phones;-)

But let’s have a look at the handheld apps for LinkedIn…

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Five Reasons to Learn LinkedIn Today!

21 Sep 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the #1 professional networking site in the world, but still suffers from an image misperception.  Let’s clear things up by looking at five specific reasons professionals would want to use the site.

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Research on Viewers

17 Sep 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn allows members to have some ideas about who is viewing a profile, and this makes a nice research topic.

It came up in 2009, made my list of Favorite Linked Things and is worth repeating…

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Well Thought Out Questions

15 Sep 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’ll have to admit to backing into this Favorite Linked Thing – as the reverse of this one is simply not very pretty…

Used properly, the LinkedIn Questions (and Answers) section can be helpful.

So let’s have a look at what makes a good question or answer…

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Danger in LinkedIn Applications

13 Sep 2010 | : About the Service


Ruth, one of my blog readers, contacted me for help with an issue – she was unable to work with or view her profile. She asked me to look into it.

It turned out to be one of the “extras”…

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Notes From Recruiters

10 Sep 2010 | : Jobs


This favorite linked thing dovetails perfectly with the posting earlier in the week on the act of finding a job through LinkedIn. (And that’s why I put them together in the song;-)

Even better than finding a perfect job posting on the LinkedIn site is a note from a recruiter asking if you’re interested in a new position!

It requires a couple of things be in place first, so let’s have a look.

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Perfect Job Postings

08 Sep 2010 | : Jobs


The act of finding a job through LinkedIn has many scenes.

You can search, research, and get introduced through one relatively easy process.

The one thing that people seem less familiar with is the actual job posting interface, and that’s worth looking at.

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