Danger in LinkedIn Applications

Ruth, one of my blog readers, contacted me for help with an issue – she was unable to work with or view her profile. She asked me to look into it.

It turned out to be one of the “extras”…


I searched for her and got right to her profile, and sure enough, things came to a screeching halt shortly after the profile started to load.

Two extra applications

I noticed two things about her profile – she had material in a boxnet section, and she also had a slideshare component enabled.

My spidey-senses tingled when the site slowed down first with the boxnet area empty, and then again as the page seemed to be loading the slideshare video. (which to me is a big violation – the only site I expect a video to load and start playing automatically is youtube – otherwise the site owner ought to be asking me to click to view (and load) something…)


I told Ruth to disable both through the setup panel (as she couldn’t get in to edit her profile because of the delays on her system in particular!), and she replied letting me know that it was successful. The boxnet app might have been a minor delay, but it was certainly not a big delay like the other.

After disabling the slideshare, her access went back to normal.

Be careful with 3rd party apps

So – before you go adding every possible bell and whistle to your profile, take some time to check out the viewer’s experience.  If their PC comes to a crashing halt when they look at your profile, guess how many times they’ll want to be put into that position…

And if you have any app stories to share, please do so!-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock

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