Notes From Recruiters

This favorite linked thing dovetails perfectly with the posting earlier in the week on the act of finding a job through LinkedIn. (And that’s why I put them together in the song;-)

Even better than finding a perfect job posting on the LinkedIn site is a note from a recruiter asking if you’re interested in a new position!

It requires a couple of things be in place first, so let’s have a look.

Getting found

That’s the essence of it – you have to be findable, and reachable.

If you want to be found for a specific position, someone undertaking a search for that position has to match their search terms to your profile. (for more information on this, consult the book and archives)

Another factor is that you should be connected to one or more recruiters (that you trust), and they might share their new search opportunities with you. I don’t recommend connecting with every recruiter that asks, but surely you must have a few that you have good relationships with…

For you

LinkedIn is a great search and contact medium, but not so great at running communications – so as I’ve written before, take your response into the realm of a phone call or an email if possible.

It’s always nice to express gratitude and a bit of surprise: “Ted, thank you for asking about a position with top-notch-widgits. I hadn’t expected they would be hiring right now, and am pleased that my name came up…”

For your network

And more often than not, the opportunity might be better for someone else in your network – so share and make introductions.

Both of them will be glad that you helped. I’m not keeping a specific tally, but over the last few years I’ve helped a number of people successfully connect into new positions.

So yes, notes from recruiters are a very nice thing to receive;-)

Viewing the video

And here you go, here’s the video:


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock