Perfect Job Postings

The act of finding a job through LinkedIn has many scenes.

You can search, research, and get introduced through one relatively easy process.

The one thing that people seem less familiar with is the actual job posting interface, and that’s worth looking at.

First – the mechanics

So there it is, right at the top of every screen, “Jobs”.

Go ahead – click on it.

Based on your location, job titles, and keywords, LinkedIn is going to tease you with some jobs they think you might be interested in.  Like any other guess, some might be of interest, some might not.

But the place we want to look is the “Advanced” word under the search button.

And that’s where you can find what you’re interested in. Because LinkedIn job postings are more selective, and I’m not interested in moving, I’ll ask it to show me all positions within 35 miles of my zip code – and don’t have too many to look through. So start there.

And then narrow by industry, job title, function, or keyword – whatever you need to do to get a manageable response.

When it clicks

And when the right opportunity clicks, you’ve got a contact that can get you background information or even introduced.

How much better than that could it be?

Good for locating resources as well

And if you need to hire, perhaps you’ll consider this avenue as well – I notice that Xerox and Harris are both listing Rochester based positions on LinkedIn…

Viewing the video

And as usual, here’s the video:


Comments on the youtube copy of “Favorite Linked Things” appreciated.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock