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She Sees Sue, Sue Sees She – Who Sees Who In LinkedIn?

28 Nov 2008 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Sorry for the Suess-ism in the title, but this topic is very circular and the reference will put you in the right frame of mind!-)

Who’s “In” and “Out” of your network?  And what networks are you in?

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Don’t Send An Invitation When You Want An Introduction!

24 Nov 2008 | : Connections, Etiquette, Introductions, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This topic has come up a couple times when I’ve responded to people I don’t know who have invited me to connect.  My standard reply is “We don’t know each other, but I’m happy to use this opening as the start of a relationship.”

Every once in a while one will write back saying “Oh – I really wanted to get in touch to ask about …”

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Building LinkedIn Converts

20 Nov 2008 | : About the Service, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Every once in a while I’m met by a skeptic – they don’t see the value in LinkedIn.  I have a standard process to convince them that LinkedIn is worth their time.

Let me take you through it…

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Four Essential Networking Components for Every Business Professional

12 Nov 2008 | : Jobs, Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


After sending off a strongly worded note to a friend yesterday, I realized that the message applies to every business professional – and needed to make it out to the blog.

My friend wanted to help her brother who was just laid off, and was starting to network on his behalf.

The advice was simple – he needs to network at four different levels – and so do you!

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One Job Entry or Multiple?

06 Nov 2008 | : Jobs, Profiles


Mark asks “should a consultant A) list every client as a ‘position’, or B) include one big position that mentions every client engagement?”

My answer was C – list a consulting job and effectively position the value proposition.

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