This topic has come up a couple times when I’ve responded to people I don’t know who have invited me to connect.  My standard reply is “We don’t know each other, but I’m happy to use this opening as the start of a relationship.”

Every once in a while one will write back saying “Oh – I really wanted to get in touch to ask about …”

I can’t blame them…

And really, I can’t blame them for wanting to use the system to reach people.  The site is a bit confusing at times.

And so here’s the post that explains the point you need to understand:

Introductions are how you meet new people.

Invitations are how you connect to the people you already know and trust.

So if you find out that your best friend is connected to Donald Trump, you don’t send off an invitation to ask Trump to connect, you send off an introduction request asking your best friend to put in the good word for you.

After you’ve completed the biggest deal of the year for Donald and built a great relationship, them you ask to connect.


When you want to get introduced, hit that button and follow the form.  I explain this more in “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer“.


Be sure to invite people one at a time – the people you already have relationships with, know and trust.  Read more of my thoughts on that in the archived “Connections” category off to the right.

Your questions?

Is there a section of LinkedIn that you’re confused about?  Leave a comment and I’ll try to work that into a post.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock