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Most Users Think LinkedIn Has Gone Social Enough

Posted by on 01 Nov 2011 | Tagged as: Ways to Use LinkedIn


Last month’s poll shows that LinkedIn users think the site has gone quite social enough thank you – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

But wait – how can this be? Read more and I’ll show you…

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What Brand Do You Represent On LinkedIn? Your Own!

Posted by on 27 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I caught a nice segment on the Today show this morning – they had Steve Abudato on to talk about his new book “You Are the Brand“.

Readers will notice a great similarity between what I’ve said and this other Steve’s suggestion that branding is an essential component of every professional’s toolbox.

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Releasing The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer On Kindle

Posted by on 21 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Ways to Use LinkedIn


It’s true – you don’t know what you don’t know until you have to know it…

I knew I wanted to release the revised version of my book on the Kindle platform, and thought it would go a little quicker. If you’re considering your own e-book, you might find this tale interesting.

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Asymmetrical Networking

Posted by on 14 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Or “Why LinkedIn Works and Twitter Doesn’t”…

We’re having a great Friday in the rain here, and I hope you’re warm, dry, and comfortable – it looks like seasons are changing.

The concept open for discussion today is the symmetry of networking, and why it doesn’t quite work when that symmetry is lacking.

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Introducing The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer

Posted by on 11 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


It’s official – four years after launching the first book explaining the LinkedIn system to the professional, I’m pleased to announce a revised version.

The revised version takes the earlier material that concisely describes LinkedIn and updates it for today. As an additional bonus, I’ve added an appendix – the “Strategy Guide To Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn”.

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Making Sales With LinkedIn

Posted by on 06 Oct 2011 | Tagged as: Entrepreneurial, Introductions, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This post wraps up the “LinkedIn For The Salesman” discussion. We’ve looked into prospecting, research, and getting spectacular introductions – things every salesperson can do to leverage their efforts.

This summary post links to the articles describing how LinkedIn can help in the different aspects of the sales process.

Plus – breaking this morning, LinkedIn says companies will be able to issue updates – we’ll cover that as well.

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Accelerating Sales With LinkedIn

Posted by on 20 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: Ways to Use LinkedIn


Last week I wrapped up a discussion about Jumpstarting Your Career With LinkedIn, and I thought we’d bridge to a discussion about using LinkedIn within the realm of sales. While jobs and recruiting is perhaps the issue most asked about, the sales questions follow close behind. These questions are not necessarily simple though – the sales pros have already grasped why they want to be using LinkedIn, and are looking for the subtle tips that will make them even more successful with it.

So let’s take the same gauntlet and consider what components of LinkedIn are essential to the individual involved in the sales process. And beyond that, what additional tips and techniques can we offer to help the savvy LinkedIn user make more sales?

And first I’d like to ask for your questions.

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Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn

Posted by on 15 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: Connections, Introductions, Jobs, Profiles, Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This post wraps up the topic of Jumpstarting your career with LinkedIn. We’ve taken the time to consider the essential components and how an experienced professional should be leveraging them – if they’re switching careers, or even if they’re staying put in the same field.

This summary post links to all the components of using LinkedIn to build your career.

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