Accelerating Sales With LinkedIn

Last week I wrapped up a discussion about Jumpstarting Your Career With LinkedIn, and I thought we’d bridge to a discussion about using LinkedIn within the realm of sales. While jobs and recruiting is perhaps the issue most asked about, the sales questions follow close behind. These questions are not necessarily simple though – the sales pros have already grasped why they want to be using LinkedIn, and are looking for the subtle tips that will make them even more successful with it.

So let’s take the same gauntlet and consider what components of LinkedIn are essential to the individual involved in the sales process. And beyond that, what additional tips and techniques can we offer to help the savvy LinkedIn user make more sales?

And first I’d like to ask for your questions.

The language of sales

Let me first make a confession – I’m moments into this article and already struggling not to say “salesman”. So I’ll duck this issue – I’m going to talk about all sorts of people in sales though this series of articles, and I’m going to call them all salesmen.

It’s not because I think they’re all men, but find it awkward to try and alternate use of the use of the terms saleswoman, saleslady, sales professional, salesgirl, sales representative, and sales person… Next time I’ll use the feminine version to even things out;-)

And the play is titled “Death of a Salesman“.

What’s on your mind?

And so, while I have some some ideas in mind on what would be helpful, let me come right out and ask:

How do you think that LinkedIn could be helpful during the sales process?

And the big question:

When you try to use LinkedIn for sales, what gets in the way?

Your feedback

So let me pause to get your input on this, and I’ll publish a few articles on this topic over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, don’t forget to vote in this month’s poll – we’re all interested in seeing how often your profile has been viewed over the last 30 days. Look for it in the column to the right.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock