Introducing The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer

It’s official – four years after launching the first book explaining the LinkedIn system to the professional, I’m pleased to announce a revised version.

The revised version takes the earlier material that concisely describes LinkedIn and updates it for today. As an additional bonus, I’ve added an appendix – the “Strategy Guide To Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn”.

First to market

In my very first publishing experience, I created The LinkedIn Personal Trainer with the help of the on-demand printing company Lulu, a free-lance editor, and a bit of pluck. While I was planning it, I looked for and found no books that described LinkedIn for the professional.

Oh sure, there was one title for recruiters – a Happy About publication that focused on that narrow niche – they wanted $99 for their effort.

The original pricing for The LinkedIn Personal Trainer was intended to account for the value of the training – and at that time, LinkedIn’s online help was minimal, and to call it help at all is bit generous.

Updated pricing

And so with this revision, I’m taking the opportunity to lower the cost – of both the paperback and the e-book.

My intent is to continue to provide great value to the new LinkedIn user, and be the number one resource for the beginner.

I’m publishing with the help of Createspace on Amazon – and set a price of $11.99 for the paperback.

The e-book version – a pdf with the same contents as the paperback – is $5.75.

An update for every existing customer

Every e-book purchaser is getting an email with a coupon for a full discount on the revised edition – good until the end of October (very scary;-).

If you’ve purchased the paperback version, I’m also happy to provide you with the revised e-book – but I probably don’t have your contact information. (All paperback sales have been handled through Lulu or retailers like Amazon – and they don’t share with me.)

So – if you send me your favorite quote from the book, and a page number, I’ll be happy to send you the same coupon.

(and no I’m not trying to be picky – you can choose any sentence from the book and page number, and I won’t be the wiser…)

Sign up for web updates

And if you’ve enjoyed the book in any form or just recently found the web site, be sure to sign up for updates – just “subscribe by email” in the column to the right.

I consider this site my main means of updating all book owners – and it’s free for everyone.

Thank you!

To all the readers out there – I really do appreciate your support, and do my best to give you what you’re looking for.

My hope is that “The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer” is even more successful than the original. It’s just right for the newcomer, and I continue guaranteeing that it will get you going with LinkedIn or I’ll refund the e-book purchase price – which is even less now!

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock