Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn

This post wraps up the topic of Jumpstarting your career with LinkedIn. We’ve taken the time to consider the essential components and how an experienced professional should be leveraging them – if they’re switching careers, or even if they’re staying put in the same field.

This summary post links to all the components of using LinkedIn to build your career.


Experienced professionals should be able to tap into contacts from across their years.


You’ve been there, done that, and possibly even written the book – use it in your profile.


The connections you’ve made will help when you search for the right individual. The LinkedIn advanced search will help you find just the right person.


Don’t leave it to chance, a random email or phone call. Put all these parts together, and get introduced to that VIP from one of their trusted associates.

Any questions?

Yes, there are lots of other ways in which LinkedIn can help but these four posts describe the fundamental use of the system, and show you why LinkedIn is becoming essential to your career.

All of these aspects build on each other, and you’ll find success by working with each and every one of them.

If you like this series, try “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer“. It’s perfect for the newcomer, and you have my guarantee that it will get you going with LinkedIn or I’ll refund the e-book purchase price – which isn’t all that much to begin with.

If you have a question on this, leave it here as a comment and we’ll look at it together.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock