Last month’s poll shows that LinkedIn users think the site has gone quite social enough thank you – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

But wait – how can this be? Read more and I’ll show you…

Two thirds

Yup – nearly two thirds of respondents think the site is social enough already, or has in fact gone too social.

That’s a pretty significant opinion.

Charts and such

I like to have these ready earlier in the day- readers get a complete month to answer polls, and these results ought to show up on time. But late in the day is better than not on the day at all. If it’s a problem, you can take it out of my tip.

So three pollsters were sitting at the bar before an election and one says …

Oh – sorry – that’s just a bit too close to home for some people around this time of the year; I’ll get to the poll already.

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Should LinkedIn get more social?

Poll results for LinkedIn's social features

Results of poll on LinkedIn’s Social Features

Shades of blue

Notice how these poll results look really nice in a pie chart with different shades of the same color to represent the different ways of saying yes or no. And that answer “Yes – more user activity” – didn’t get any votes what-so-ever.

But how?

The one thing the poll doesn’t tell me is what social features the minority was looking for. Maybe they’ve thought of things like posting pictures and tagging them with friends. (oh wait – some sites already do that…)

How about some comments letting us know what you think the site should add?

Next up – How are you with polls!?!

It’s a good time to repeat the very first poll – do you frequently participate in polls?

I don’t care how you answer – but if you could please answer, I’ll gladly retract my original poll headline!

Find it just over to the right.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock