Two Thirds Of LinkedIn Users Aren’t Looking For Work!-)

May’s LinkedIn poll reveals that while LinkedIn maintains a strong presence among job seekers, two out of three users are not using the site for that purpose.

It further emphasizes the polarity discovered in December of 2010 – either you’re job searching or you’re not.

None, Zip, Nada

That’s right – 70% of LinkedIn users spend none of their time looking for work on LinkedIn.

What are they doing?

Oh probably using the site to make sales, meet interesting people, and develop partnerships… You know – that business stuff…

All In

Except for the job seekers – they spend 90-100% of their LinkedIn time on the job search.

And they probably do all of the things I’ve talked about in the “Jumpstart Your Career With LinkedIn” series.

Charts and such

This particular May flower was headed West and stopped into a bar. The bartender thew him out saying “We don’t serve columns here, only rows of  buses”.

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Of the time you spent on LinkedIn last month, how much of it was related to finding a job?

Results of Job Search Poll 2012

Results of Job Search Poll

Just as lopsided

That’s what I said in December of 2010 – discussing “LinkedIn Polarization” – the same poll question and pretty much the same results.

And that’s the way they like it

Those not searching for jobs on LinkedIn might be just as likely to receive offers.

Recruiters and head hunters know that strong candidates aren’t looking. And where do you go to find candidates that aren’t looking? (I don’t really have to answer that, do I?)

Next up – when are you going to make a large purchase?

I’d like you to consider a really large purchase – more than $10k – a house, car, boat, or toy(?). How long will it be until you make one? Intriguing, right?…-)

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To your continued success,

Steven Tylock