Equal Discrimination In The Workplace

It’s hard to believe, but have we gotten to an age where any one bit of discrimination is as common as another?

I mean, if you’re This, but not That, does it really matter any longer?

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Being an outsider…

Whoever you are, you’re an outsider – of something.

The question then becomes “does that matter?”

Being a man, I don’t necessarily feel comfortable visiting the “Women’s Network” (and I have). I’m sure the shoes are reversed when a woman has entered a male-dominated organization.

Compared to younger folks, I’m old. Compared to retirees, I’m still young.

If you pick any European race and went back far enough, I’d bet you’d find some of that in my heritage. If you pick any race whatsoever and went back far enough, you’d find that too;-)

More of this, less of that

And so going into February I was wondering if people saw more of one kind of discrimination than another – so I asked.

Your answers were across the board.

(Notice how I did that – threw in a horse-race betting term? BTW – I didn’t ask, but what about discrimination against other aspects – gamblers, smokers, bikers… (and no – not them – the ones that take up the side of the road with their exotic biking outfits and two pedals…-))

Charts and such

The pie folks were back at work – they suggested I go with the 3D version again. Mostly because then I can say that these poll results literally pop out at you!

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Which discrimination have you seen more often in the workplace?

Image with results of Discrimination Poll

Discrimination Poll Results

Kinda flat

The fun thing about these polls – I never really know what the results will look like.

Who’d have thought that racial discrimination is seen just as much as sexual. and ageism is not far behind.

And I’m not sure that we can’t say that if you looked for a quarter of all answers to be split among them that religious discrimination isn’t seated at the table too. (of course, taking the opposite tack, you could claim that half as much is seen there – but I’d still put the margin of error on the side of “they’re all pretty equal”.

Now mind you – I’d hate to be the non-favorite sexed, wrong color, stupid aged, religious fanatic applying for a job…

But at least any one class can’t say someone else’s minority status is less or more of an issue.

Next up – The next big LinkedIn change!

This poll started as a lark – I thought to myself: “Ok, what’s the one thing they could do over at LinkedIn that would get me to give up on the site?”

And after a while I realized that they could do any number of things – so let’s vote! What “big change” do you see coming? Notice – I’ve given you several different ones that might just be “straw-worthy”, but you’ve got to pick one. (and no fair calling up your friends that work over at the big L;-)

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To your continued success,

Steven Tylock