LinkedIn Polarization

Last month’s poll was a beauty, and I almost couldn’t wait for the calender to flip over to share it with you.

Some people say LinkedIn is just for those looking for work.

Oh sure, they’re there, but that’s only one tip of the crowd. Let’s have a look.

Most spent little time!

According to my readers, most spent little or no time on the site in job search activities in the month immediately preceding their vote.

Shocked – I was perhaps a bit at the size of this segment, but it does speak to the other uses of LinkedIn. Uses that we talk about here all the time;-)

Job seekers

The other extreme also makes a significant statement – a third of the respondents spend nearly all of their time on LinkedIn looking for a job.

And well they should! The platform helps all aspects of job search from researching to reaching out.

The in-between

And this was a shocker – there’s nobody in the middle…

Either you’re using the site to find a job, or you’re not.

Charts and such

I thought this poll might be most impressive as a histogram where you can see the full disparity of the voting. Visitors were asked to respond to this question:

Of the time you spent on LinkedIn last month, how much of it was related to finding a job?

Job-Search Poll Results

Who knew?

That’s such an unusual disparity between the extremes – and I’m glad to have asked that question.

Does this surprise you?

Next up – Is your use of LinkedIn focused on sales and marketing?

Ok – I have to admit – as soon as I saw these results I told myself that the next poll has to be nearly identical – but asking about sales and marketing.

I know you’re out there as well – Of the time you spent on LinkedIn last month, how much of it was related to sales and marketing activity?

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock