Two Thirds Think Fiscal Cliff Was More Significant Than Trivial Pursuit!

People like to bracket – this is more important than that, but less important than the other thing.

So here we’ve got results of bracketing the fun and excitement of going over the Fiscal Cliff!

We didn’t actually go over…

So yes, when I created the poll at the end of 2012, the “over or not” discussion hadn’t really finished. I’m sure we would have had even more responses if the issue stayed unresolved through the month.

Interesting choices

I tried to make sure there were some easy “more important than” and “less important than” sorts of answers.

For example – I didn’t think anyone could answer that going over the fiscal cliff was more important than the bombing pf Pearl Harbor. By the same token, I tried to put in several “probably more important than” sorts of answer.

Who knew some people would think that the whole fiscal cliff issue was less important than the first Survivor show?

Charts and such

We’re on a roll here with a couple polls with wordy answers, so this bar format works again. Maybe there’s a tie in with the Buffalo Bills answer on the poll and my coming up with a bar joke… Nah…

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Select each item that going over the fiscal cliff is more significant than!

Image Of Fiscal Cliff Poll Results

Fiscal Cliff Poll Results


I gotta say – it seems to me that perhaps slavery, the whole women’s movement, and even the computer industry got a bum rap from some of the poll takers.

I can confirm that nobody selected all three as being less important than the fiscal cliff…

Next up – Discrimination

My first inclination was to find some way to ask about age discrimination in the workplace, but I just couldn’t come up with a useful way of asking that question. Instead, I got to thinking about different types of discrimination and wondered which people see more often.

There’s no wrong or right here – but I’m curious which you see more often in the work place.

Find it just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock