March 2010

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LinkedIn BlackBerry Update

30 Mar 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Apparently my effort was one month early – I wrote on Feb 28th that I was unable to find a BlackBerry application for the demonstration device I had in hand.

LinkedIn has just released their BlackBerry application – four weeks and a day later;-)

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What Non-Solicit Means

26 Mar 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


Following up The LinkedIn Personal Trainer’s article on law enforcement with one 0n lawsuits – an ingenious way to get back into the mix;-)

Apparently LinkedIn activity has been brought up in a lawsuit alleging breach of a non-solicitation clause, and I thought you might enjoy having a look…

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LinkedIn and the Law

16 Mar 2010 | : About the Service, Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Using LinkedIn for fraud?

Twittering about where you are when you tell others you’re somewhere else?

Well guess what – that may come back to bite you in the proverbial donkey;-)

The AP is reporting on EFF releasing information obtained under FOIL about the FBI’s use of social networks.  If you put it out there, expect that it could come into play.

But there is an aspect that warrants some concern…

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LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

13 Mar 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


The contributed to an article on the use of LinkedIn (and twitter) for sales and earned a plug from Meryl K. Evans over on the B2B Social Media Digest. I thought you’d enjoy what she’s written.

Her topic explores answers from a multitude of people about what a company might do to encourage sales and marketing folks to run with LinkedIn and Twitter.

And that’s just what I do here, so my advice made a nice addition…

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Name vs NAME vs name

10 Mar 2010 | : Profiles


Why do some LinkedIn users use nonstandard capitalization?

They stand out – for the wrong reasons…

Let’s talk about this for just a minute.

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Does Anybody Know…

05 Mar 2010 | : Search, Ways to Use LinkedIn


It’s the classic opening from an individual who wants to meet someone.

“Use LinkedIn” comes to my mind immediately.

And here’s what I do when I hear or read that phrase…

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TLPT Readers – Hesitant on Technology

02 Mar 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


February’s poll results are in – most readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer wait to adopt technology.

That’s right – 73% are middle of the roaders and wait to try technology until after it’s been around a bit.

Let’s see what else…

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