TLPT Readers – Hesitant on Technology

February’s poll results are in – most readers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer wait to adopt technology.

That’s right – 73% are middle of the roaders and wait to try technology until after it’s been around a bit.

Let’s see what else…

No slugs here!

None of my readers will admit to being the last to adopt technology.

Maybe it was how I phrased it – I bet I’d get a different answer if I asked “Did you request tone dialing instead of pulse dialing back when the phone company charged an extra fee for it?”

[Sidebar for the youngsters: Phones used to make a series of pulses, one for each number, when dialing. Three was “pup-pup-pup” and so on.  When phone companies realized they could use and detect a different note in the dialing phase, they charged consumers extra for that convenience. “You’d like tone dialing? That’ll be $2.95 additional per month…” And yes, at some point, it became less expensive for the phone company to offer this tone dialing service – but they kept the charges (because they could). This led many consumers to keep the pulse dialing plan to avoid the fee – and required push button phones to be able to produce pulses instead of tones… At some point, most phone companies dropped that logic and so those of us that didn’t want to pay a fee received tone dialing… whew;-]

Charts and such

As always, here’s your chart.

Let’s discover something about the readers of this site. When do you try new technology?

Technology Poll Results

When You Try Technology

Notice – the same percentage of answers above the median as below it – you’re very evenly distributed.

Lighter turnout

This poll didn’t pull in as many voters as last month – I wonder – was it less interesting and so provided less of a reason to respond, or was it more personal – and people were unwilling to reveal this information about themselves!

Don’t worry – if you’re reading this now, and didn’t answer the poll, I can comfortably assume that you would have answered with that middle reply!

That’s it for this month

Now – I’ve seen some other blogosphere information about LinkedIn Profile Completeness – and I’ll reveal my personal opinion next month.

But until then – if you could tell me how complete your profile is, that would make an interesting comparison.

Check it out – just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock