Why do some LinkedIn users use nonstandard capitalization?

They stand out – for the wrong reasons…

Let’s talk about this for just a minute.

The ALL CAPS fellow

I’m not sure where, how, or why people do this – BUT USING ALL CAPS IS NOT PRETTY.

It isn’t appreciated in email, and it certainly doesn’t look good for your name.

And yes, when I search on “six sigma”, I find an entry on the third page that has done this!

I pity the fool…

the no caps fellow

the opposite or the ALL CAPS fellow is the one that uses no capitalization in their name…

it also doesn’t look very good.

linkedin is a rather formal system, and it’s odd not to see tom smith capitalized.

it took me more searches, but with an “owner” search, the third page of results includes tina.  how sad for tina.

(and truth be told, i ran across three ALL CAPS names before i found tina…)


And it’s not like I don’t have a personal quirk with caps – I sign my email and blog with “steve”, and that’s ok – that’s my signature.

For these people that use all or no caps – I have a hard time believing it’s intentional. (And even if it is, it just plain looks bad)

So – if the way you present yourself is delivering a message, what message are you delivering?

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock