LinkedIn BlackBerry Update

Apparently my effort was one month early – I wrote on Feb 28th that I was unable to find a BlackBerry application for the demonstration device I had in hand.

LinkedIn has just released their BlackBerry application – four weeks and a day later;-)

No reason not to try it out

The LinkedIn BlackBerry download page is here.

The Blog Article where LinkedIn talks about the BlackBerry is here.

Go ahead – plan to get it – after finishing this article;-)

Not all models

Ok – you can temper your excitement if you don’t own a Tour, Curve, or Bold BlackBerry – those are the only models supported by this first version of the software.

I don’t know much about BlackBerry genealogy, but I expect those are the latest and greatest devices.

Latest OS

LinkedIn’s app doesn’t appear to require the latest and greatest software.  It just needs v4.3 or later.

I often see these sorts of announcements with a caveat that you’ve got to have last week’s release of the client – and migrating to that breaks other applications. So this is a relatively good thing;-)

Really like to hear what you think…

Ok – so I had a BlackBerry for a week, but didn’t get to try it out with LinkedIn – time to get some reporters on the street.

If you have a supported BlackBerry, please get the software, try it out, and most importantly – leave a comment here about it!

I (and every other reader) will be grateful – thanks in advance!

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock