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The LinkedIn Personal Trainer Overseas

25 Feb 2009 | : About the Service, Connections, Introductions, Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Interested in what Pharmaceutical Executives in Europe think of LinkedIn?  Check out the article by Peter Houston on “Pharmaceutical Executive” [I’ll give you a direct link to the article, just read on]

Peter approached me last year and I helped put this together – including a 30 minute LinkedIn “jump start” – look for the sidebar on the second page with a set of tips that work just as well in America;-)

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Update on Uptick – LinkedIn Activity Grows

15 Feb 2009 | : About the Service


Back on December 8th I predicted we’d soon see articles on the upswing of activity on LinkedIn: “Uptick on LinkedIn Activity”.  It took a few weeks longer to find this article, but I was spot on – January activity spiked 22% from December!

TechCrunch has the details…

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

09 Feb 2009 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’d like to work through some examples of how LinkedIn can help – and have you sit ringside. Who would you like to find, find out more about, or figure out how to reach?

I’m going to take the challenge from a handful of readers, spend less than an hour on the LinkedIn system, share the results with the lucky reader, and then go over what happened in a blog entry.

Sound interesting?-)

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Podcast about LinkedIn with Lip-Sticking

01 Feb 2009 | : Connections, Jobs, Teleseminars, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I had the honor of being the first guest to kick off the podcast program on lipsticking.com with Yvonne DiVita – the podcast has just gone up this weekend.  The site lives at http://www.lipsticking.com/ and has a tagline of “marketing to women online”, and while our talk didn’t go over any special considerations about LinkedIn for women, it was focused on making sure her audience knew about the tool and could start to use it effectively. (maybe women’s issues will make a good slant to take when we talk next;-)

We spent a short time together, but covered a number of aspects you might be interested in…

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