The LinkedIn Personal Trainer Overseas

Interested in what Pharmaceutical Executives in Europe think of LinkedIn?  Check out the article by Peter Houston on “Pharmaceutical Executive” [I’ll give you a direct link to the article, just read on]

Peter approached me last year and I helped put this together – including a 30 minute LinkedIn “jump start” – look for the sidebar on the second page with a set of tips that work just as well in America;-)

Professional Networking

It’s interesting to see his final slant on the article – that LinkedIn is the key tool for pharmaceutical professionals and executives looking to tap into social media. (As a contributor, I answered questions and offered advice, but wasn’t sure how it would appear;-)

So here it is – Peter Houston on LinkedIn for Pharmaceutical Professionals and Executives – or as he says “Pharma’s Facebook”.

And a reminder – check out the “Five Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your LinkedIn Experience” on page 2.

To your continued success,

(And if you happen to be in the pharmaceutical drug / medicine industry, you might want to check out the rest of the site and newsletter – it looks sharp;-)

Steven Tylock


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