Back on December 8th I predicted we’d soon see articles on the upswing of activity on LinkedIn: “Uptick on LinkedIn Activity”.  It took a few weeks longer to find this article, but I was spot on – January activity spiked 22% from December!

TechCrunch has the details…

December up also

Going back to shows that not only was January a rise, December was as well – the leading edge of the spike that I had noticed.

The TechCrunch article states that not only was the volume up, time on the site doubled as well.

(Story also picked up on cnet)

And it doesn’t seem to be confined to one sector – everyone’s making more use of the site.

LinkedIn is not optional

When you find peers that haven’t quite figured out why they should be on Linkedin, you’ll know what to tell them, right?

  • The information you publish is based on developing and maintaining your personal brand
  • Other people – key individuals that you’d like to get in touch with – use the system
  • It’s free
  • It’s safe
  • It helps you find, get found and network more successfully!

And if they want help in figuring out how to use the system better, please remember to share this site;-)

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock