I had the honor of being the first guest to kick off the podcast program on with Yvonne DiVita – the podcast has just gone up this weekend.  The site lives at and has a tagline of “marketing to women online”, and while our talk didn’t go over any special considerations about LinkedIn for women, it was focused on making sure her audience knew about the tool and could start to use it effectively. (maybe women’s issues will make a good slant to take when we talk next;-)

We spent a short time together, but covered a number of aspects you might be interested in…

Professional networking – online

It didn’t feel that way at the time, but in listening in on the podcast, I see that we went over the fact that LinkedIn is not facebook several times – questions must have come up to Yvonne in the past about why professional women want or need this online networking thing…

It’s not casual like airing pictures of your party, and it’s not trendy like having a new band’s song play when people get to your page – it’s just effective professional networking.

Get to the Podcast all ready…

Ok, you’ve ben waiting for the link to my LinkedIn Podcast with Yvonne DiVita – here it is;-)

Go listen to it and then come back here…

Connect to people you know and trust

Did it give you a new insight into your connection strategy?

Sure, some people say bigger is better – but the strategy of connecting to eveyone possible resembles the comment that “we lose a little bit on each sale, but make up for it on volume!”

If you’re a newcomer to the LinkedIn Personal Trainer website, be sure to check out more of my articles on connection strategy in the archive on the right.


To your continued success,

Steven Tylock