September 2008

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LinkedIn “email”

28 Sep 2008 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Every so often, someone asks about their “LinkedIn email”…  And I guess that if you looked at it as such, it is a crude sort of platform – but I’m not particularly impressed with it.

The best part about it is that you can reach people – through an introduction or InMail.

But once you’ve made contact, switch back to your regular email platform…

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New Ways to Use LinkedIn!(?)!

22 Sep 2008 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Imagine my skepticism as I read the title of a blog entry “10 Ways to Use LinkedIn That You Never Thought Of” Hmmm…

Well – as far as blog titles go, it worked and got me to click.  Either I was going to read it to see what this author found as new that I already knew, or I was going to get some interesting information – and that’s the purpose of a headline, right?-)

As a long time LinkedIn member, I was reading though with a bit of a jaded “yeah, yeah” until I reached #7…

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How Does LinkedIn Make Money?

15 Sep 2008 | : About the Service


When I’m speaking about LinkedIn, someone in the audience will invariably ask “If we can use free accounts, how does LinkedIn make any money?”

And I mention a couple things: pay-per-use features, the good / better / best strategy of account levels, and advertising.

TechCrunch has just put out a great article explaining why LinkedIn does well in advertising.

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Getting Introduced

11 Sep 2008 | : Etiquette, Introductions, Ways to Use LinkedIn


A reader asks “How do I meet people with LinkedIn?”

While I’m vocal about not “meeting” people with an invitation to connect, the mechanism to meet people through an introduction sometimes gets glossed over.  So I thought it would make a good article…

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LinkedIn Groups – A Positive (But Small) Step Forward

05 Sep 2008 | : Groups


Maybe I’m just not a groupie, I’m not sure I “get it”…

So the fact that LinkedIn is working on group functionality is a great thing. Version 1.0 doesn’t seem to have a lot going for it…

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The Company You Keep

02 Sep 2008 | : Connections, Etiquette


I know I’ve got a post about LinkedIn Group changes to get out, but I was replying to a friend and realized I had to get this into a post right now…-)

One of the topics was – are we judged by the company we keep.


And LinkedIn is no different…

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