New Ways to Use LinkedIn!(?)!

Imagine my skepticism as I read the title of a blog entry “10 Ways to Use LinkedIn That You Never Thought Of” Hmmm…

Well – as far as blog titles go, it worked and got me to click.  Either I was going to read it to see what this author found as new that I already knew, or I was going to get some interesting information – and that’s the purpose of a headline, right?-)

As a long time LinkedIn member, I was reading though with a bit of a jaded “yeah, yeah” until I reached #7…

The LinkedIn dating tool?!?

So yes- I have never thought of using LinkedIn as a tool in the dating game!

It might be that I simply don’t think of dating much at all, but it is a bit out there.  And it has a little something going for it…

People google their dates, don’t they?

I’m definitely recalling that I’ve seen reports of people on checking up on their date, and this seems a logical extension.

If it’s helpful to see what google (or facebook or myspace) has on Mr. Adam Right, why not see what he’s got going on in the professional space as well.

Gold rush?

And if one really is looking to find a mate that comes with a mansion and a yacht, it’s just one more place to find the professional credentials of that soon-to-be special someone, isn’t it?

And so, here’s a shout out for a blogger with a genuine “new use” for LinkedIn!

And even if you too are not working at dating, it’s good to start the week out with a smile isn’t it?

And to alter my tag line with a bit of the fortune cookie spice:

To your continued success – and using LinkedIn to help you achieve it [in bed],