Who Wants A Garden? Garden? Garden? Three Gardens!

Happy May Day to you!

It’s completely not about LinkedIn today, but odds are you’re thinking about or have already started your garden. (see how good I am at mind reading?)

The month that was April…

First off – my apology.

Somewhere April got away from me. I had a couple article ideas on the hopper, and kept telling myself that I had to get one out “this week” only to find myself suddenly planning for “next week” and looking back at “last week”…

In the grand scheme of things, that’s a good place to be (for a while), but hopefully it doesn’t extend too much into May;-)

Odd events

Yes – April was cooler than March in Western New York – can’t rationalize that.

We might have had more snow in April than May – the storm that dropped several inches at the end of the month certainly made it feel like that.

And then in the last weekend of the month I traveled to the Philly area and had fresh greens from a garden!

Who would have predicted all of that?!?

Charts and such

Maybe you’re more of a “Cinco de Mayo” celebrator – you’ll have to wait a few days. (Or start early – we won’t know;-)

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

Are you planting a Vegetable Garden this year?

Results of Gardening poll

Results of Gardening Poll


That’s why I’m fairly confident that “nearly everybody” is planning to or thinking about having a garden this year;-)

(Oh sure – even the people that aren’t going to have a garden thought about it for a minute or two, but who’s going to mince words about that…)

Nothing more than that

And I didn’t try to pack in any other questions (because we all know how well those polls turn out), so I can’t tell you if it’s for economic reasons, health, or just because we enjoy planting stuff in the ground.

Me – I’ve found that the deer and bunnies don’t care for rhubarb, so I’ve got a good patch of that. I end up feeding the local wildlife most of the rest of the things that I grow…

(Oh – and if you’ve read this far – I’ve got a free copy of “The Revised LinkedIn Personal Trainer” if you’re the first to leave a comment with the correct reference for the title above;-)

Next up – are you using LinkedIn for a job search?

I’m repeating a poll from 18 months ago – how much of your LinkedIn use is job-search related? I’ll be interested to see how things have changed. Hope you take the time to answer – two clicks and you’re done.

Find it just over to the right and up.

To your continued success,

Steven Tylock