Daylight Savings – All The Time

No foolin – really!

A plurality of voters have suggested that they’d like to just move the clock ahead and leave it there…

Why do we switch?

Before this poll, I have to say I was an agnostic about Daylight Savings. Sure we needed it – I’d rather have daylight in the evening hours than before waking up, but I didn’t care much about it. You manipulate the clocks and enjoy the extra sleep in the fall.

That was before I found out about the controversy;-)

Wikipedia covers the Daylight Savings Time issue fairly well – including the option to make it permanent.

Charts and such

So one April fools day, a string walked into the bar…

No – I don’t have any Tom Foolery going on. (And I thought it meant more than a musical, but hey – when you live by Wikipedia, you die by Wikipedia…) We’ll just get right to the chart. 3D this month – nice, right?

Last month’s question – visitors were asked to respond to this:

What would you like to do about Daylight Savings Time?

Results of Daylight Savings Poll

Results of Daylight Savings Poll

Just look at that!

Notice that the “exciting” responses all had exclamation marks by them – and those people seem to care about it one way or the other.

“DST all the time!” polled twice as much as either leaving it alone or getting rid of it.

And isn’t getting rid of it kind of the same thing – stop moving the clocks around, but leave the sun up at its zenith at 1pm instead of high noon. (I mean really – when’s the last time you looked for the sun to determine when noon was;-)

Longer hours

Yes – that’s the fun thing I found out about the Romans. Their water clocks had 44 minutes on the shortest day of the winter, and 75 minutes on the longest day of the summer.

Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

“Boss, I’m going home for an hour to have lunch” – during the summer, and “I’ve worked through my lunch hour!” in the winter. Count me in;-)

Next up – Gardens Anyone?

Spring is popping up all over – and I’m curious to find out if you’re a gardener. Please let us know if you’re planting vegetables this year.

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