Hey LinkedIn – I’m Not Part Of That Group!

A friend passed along an interesting email from LinkedIn – and I thought it worth calling out.

Apparently my picture was used to entice her to start using LinkedIn’s mobile app – unfortunately, I’m not a user of mobile apps!

A picture says it all…

So here’s the message she forwarded:

Image of LinkedIn Mobile Advertisement Email

Notice – LinkedIn is suggesting that her connections “Elizabeth” and “Mark” are already using the mobile app (along with 330 other people).

And then it throws in my picture!

The problem is that I don’t use the app…

In fact – I received the same email on the same day!

Duplicate copy

And here’s my email:

Image of LinkedIn Mobile Advertisement Email #2

In this case, LinkedIn did use the picture of Mark and Craig.

(And the funny thing is that I believe this is probably the same Mark as in her email, but they didn’t use his picture there;-)

Other stuff

Yes – the detail oriented among you probably noted the disclaimer at the bottom – if one doesn’t want to get this “occasional email”, one can opt out. (though reports are that LinkedIn is not implementing some of the opt-out lists well – I have no idea if this one actually keeps you from getting this type of message or not)

((I like getting them because they provide information about LinkedIn;-))

And notice – the LinkedIn copyright folks have not yet picked up that messages still use ©2011. It’s tough for me to point this out because I really think this year is flying by; don’t you?

But hey

Let’s go for accuracy next time around, ok guys?

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock