How To Reach LinkedIn’s Help Desk

Looks like it’s time to reach into the mailbag again – reader Selina asks for help – she’s unable to access the primary email for her LinkedIn account, and doesn’t have the password to get in.

And while I’m honored that readers think I have some sort of power (I don’t), I do get asked help-desk sorts of questions enough to put this public service note out there.

Let me show you how to reach LinkedIn’s support services.

Hard to complain…

Perhaps it’s because like all internet sites that give service away for free, LinkedIn is not eager to staff the support service for 98 million non-paying customers. (LinkedIn is saying they have 100 million accounts – a bit of a woo-hoo for that milestone! I think it is clear less than 2% of those customers use paid accounts, but my readers already know that from the March poll results here.)

So there isn’t really a “phone support line” that you can call up – that would require staff to answer the phone…

Setting your LinkedIn primary email properly

And yes, I do have to repeat my advice that LinkedIn email should go to your regular personal email account.

If for some reason you think otherwise, please read through my archive of articles on it, starting with the advice on “Changing your LinkedIn Email – Again.”

Don’t let this happen to you!

Online help

LinkedIn offers a web page in the Help Center that allows you to submit a question.

Now this is slightly different language than “submit your problem”, but I think it is the best and currently only avenue to reach someone within LinkedIn that can help you.

You can find that page here.

And yes, for this sort of question, that’s the best advice I can give.

Your mileage may vary

When I go to write these posts, I take a previous post, copy it, and then edit in my new article. Every once in a while, I find that the bolded line that I’ve used in the past is still a good line…

So yes – you may get more or less service from LinkedIn through this page. I can’t say that I have ever used it, but I have seen other reports, some positive, some negative – your mileage may vary.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock


  1. How can I send multiple e-mails to several of my Linkedin connections at once instead of individually?

  2. Sandra,

    Go to Settings -> Primary Email Change/Add

    Add your new email, confirm it, and then make it primary.

    Can’t find the Settings button – read this post:
    Hidden Settings for LinkedIn


    (And remember – leave your old email in there – you probobably don’t need or want to take it out)

  3. I am not able to login to my account for last couple of weeks, i have been sending request to reset my password but there is no response, messgae I get that will send you the mail.No mail as on date. Can any body help me

  4. Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same problem when I am trying to login to my account….

    I need to contact people I have inside my profile…

    Your help would be really appreciated!!!


  5. Alan,

    I don’t have any better advice…

    Use the LinkedIn password reset – the password reset message goes to your primary email. [And that’s why your primary address should be your main personal email address…]

    After that, try contacting LinkedIn’s support through the web page this article references. I just clicked on the link and went to a help site – not the contact page I had hoped for. But “Contact Us” is still available at the top of that page – use it.

    After that – not much to do to help.

    But btw – backing up your profile and contacts – always a good thing. (check my archives for more on that topic)


  6. I have two linkedin accounts which I need to merge. However the secondary account is for an old company i used to work for and I do not have the password to do this.

    What should I do?


  7. Lynsey,

    Merging is not an option, sorry.

    Copy/Paste any text you happen to like from the old profile.

    Then backup your profile and connections. (See my recent post on that)

    Lastly, use the contact LinkedIn form mentioned above to say “I’m the same person, and need to delete this old duplicate account.” You can’t do it yourself if you have no way to access the account.

    The reason for the backup – in case they somehow remove the wrong account… Don’t laugh, it’s possible…

    And register all your email addresses with the current account to keep it from happening again.


  8. I am having an issue when I try to access various menu options on LinkedIN. I keep getting “redirecting” and then it just looks like it is trying to get into the link but then disconnects. I have tried to look at Cookies, etc but nothing. Last error message: 502 Tunnel Connection Failed?

    I submitted two tickets through LinkedIN help support with screenshots and have not received a response. I deleted my saved LinkedIn bookmarks, but still not working. Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  9. Nancy,

    It could be an issue on LinkedIn’s side or a browser thing.

    If it happens again, try a different browser – chrome, firefox, safari, opera, IE…

    When you’re trying to debug one browser, delete your cache, exit, and try again. Sometimes that’s the trick.


  10. I have inadvertently set up 2 accounts – but only wish to have one – how can I cancel one?

  11. For over two months I get calls from people who confirm that they never sent anything.
    Some people receive my invitations that I never sent.
    Moreover, all this happens with my corporate email account.
    You can check out or tell me what should I do to solve the problem?
    Orazio Miglietta

  12. I am not able to send invitations to any of the linkedin member. Its asking for email address. This is happening since last 2 days. What should i do ?

  13. Orazio,

    No I can’t help sorry – I have no official relationship, contacts, or influence with LinkedIn, sorry.

    This article is my best advice about how to get official help from LinkedIn.

    Do recall – people send spam and phone messages that report to come from LinkedIn – those are forgeries. see the set of articles where I talk about that issue…


  14. Santosh,

    It sounds like LinkedIn is no longer trusting that you actually know the people you are inviting to connect.

    If you know the people you are inviting, it is not much of a burden to ask you to provide their email address.

    Just do that.

    If you have to get re-acquainted with them or get in touch first, use an introduction to reach through the people you know to get back in touch.

    Something like “Hi Ajay, can you please pass my request along to Zephr. We went to school together, and I’ve lost contact. Thanks!”


  15. Ad,

    I’m sorry about that situation, and unfortunately I don’t know.

    If someone has access to that user’s email account, they could try self-removal by logging in as them. (possibly after resetting the password)

    A note explaining the situation through the LinkedIn page referenced above might also work.


  16. I work from home connecting, writing,advertising,marketing myself and the 4 companies I rep as a mfgr’s rep.
    For days,every day,after a long stretch of deleting old contacts ( I had 4,358) but am deleting just over 50% to
    reach 2,000.
    Every day it happens. I get kicked out of LinkedIN.
    I try to get back in,but the site says,”unavailable”…
    Ahhhhhh!!! I’m totally screwed. They are not doing maintenance. It can’t be. I’ve been out today Mon Aug 24th since 2:29pm.
    I have to get back in,and I can’t do it from my computer.
    For some reason my phone and I pad can get in.
    I’m not tech savvy. And I’m used to using a mouse.
    My fingers hit the buttons on the I pad + always hit something else. What’s happening?

  17. Barry,

    Sorry, I have nothing for you. My standard advice for anything web related is to try different browsers to see if you can get a different reaction. Make sure your system is clean of adware/bloatware/malware/virus/hijacking…


  18. Hi,
    I have a problem in viewing my account.
    Whenever I try to open any request, I couldn’t.
    Page getting refresh all the time instead of opening it. Seems problem with my server. I tried to contact thro help support centre. But I couldn’t open supporting page as well.
    Could you please help me to resolve this issue.
    Appreciate your help.

  19. Sandip,

    It sounds more like a browser issue to me. Try a different browser among chrome, IE, or firefox.

    Or perhaps some firewall / screening issue by your ISP (or government…)

    Best of luck,

  20. Hi I found it a bit diffecult to add skill to my profile.The skills that I want to ad is not listed.Please help

  21. I am at a loss and need help. A person in the Ukraine used my company name and anther city in CA and created a fake webpage. If it didn’t mimic my company or have my company name, I wouldn’t have known. Linkedin told me to get a domain and email address without gmail. And so I did. Then they gave me the page and now that person from the Ukraine looks like an employee of mine.

    I did this to take down the page and now they won’t let me. When I go to remove it, it states not an option.

    How can I 1) remove this person as an employee? 2) get Linked to take responsibility for now I cannot figure out if this is all that this guy did?


  22. Michelle,

    I’m sorry to hear of your problem.

    I don’t have any extra thoughts to add though, I’m sorry to hear of the issue.

    Perhaps this is an area where legal advice might be helpful.


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