Hidden Settings For LinkedIn

Where oh where did the settings button go, oh where of where can it be?

A reader expressed dismay trying to take my advice when I told him to get into “Settings -> Some Setting” and change it.

You see – the settings icon has disappeared!

Old timers…

Well – I guess I am one in that I “know” the settings function has been located in the upper right hand corner since forever, and I just go there and get into settings, but my reader is correct – the icon for settings is gone.

The clue!

So here’s what the top-right corner of the LinkedIn window looks like:

Settings Location

And notice – no “Settings” – but there is a clue – the little downward facing triangle right next to my name.


That’s right, when you hover over that triangle, a new menu appears:

Settings Location Hover

And there we have it – the elusive “Settings” icon…

Sign Out of public computers

Notice one additional item there – the ability to “Sign Out”.

If you’re using your home computer, it doesn’t make much sense, but if you’re in a public space – or merely someone else’s space, this is important.

You don’t want the next person walking by to access your data, so be sure to Sign Out.

That’s what I mean!

So if you ever see me write “Access the Settings -> Email Address area”, I mean get into that “Settings” area, and find the one that says “Email Addresses”.

(And if you haven’t added all your email addresses, please do so – and make sure your personal address is primary!)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock