How To Reach Your Contacts With LinkedIn

“Just how can I reach multiple connections with a message?”

That recent comment led to this post – I’ll show you how right here.

Sending personal messages

Every LinkedIn user can reach direct connections any time they want.

Select “Inbox” and then “Compose Message”.

When you start typing a contact’s name into the “To:” box, LinkedIn will offer direct contacts whose first or last name start with that set of letters. Keep typing to narrow the suggestions, or pick the individual you’d like to add. Another option is to select the “in” icon and choose within the connection popup window.

Want to send it to more than one – just type the next name or select an additional contact.

But why?

Ok – I’m willing to jump through some hoops to get things the way I want, but let me ask this:

Why would you want to?

Really – the LinkedIn messaging system is not something I’d encourage anybody to use, and I like my readers just a bit more than “anybody”…

You use email already…

That’s right – I know you do. You know how to use it, check it often, and file your messages in the right way when you’re done with them, correct?

So send a message with email – to people you already know.

And if you need to look up an email address for some reason, go ahead and check the email address within a specific connection’s profile.

I first wrote about LinkedIn’s email in 2008, and my advice remains the same – just say no…

Stay in touch

Note – I’m not telling you to avoid your contacts, but just don’t inflict LinkedIn’s version of email on them unless you have to;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock