Changing your LinkedIn Email – Again

Has your email ever changed?

Well guess what – changing email addresses on LinkedIn remains one of the top issues, so in the interests of helping a new generation of LinkedIn users, we’ll cover the topic again.

The first go-around

One of my internal rules is that I really shouldn’t cover the exact same topic again, so if you’re reading this because you need to change the email you use within LinkedIn, please read the original article here:

Changing Your LinkedIn Email

And do those things – ok?-)

Sending it where?

And if you send your LinkedIn email to some account you check once or twice a month, please read this article:

Where to Send LinkedIn Email

Though I can’t say that this behavior is all that common any more…

Don’t remove them…

And to repeat – there isn’t a very good reason to take email addresses off your account. By all means add new ones as needed, and set your personal email as primary, but go ahead and leave the old ones in there.

It doesn’t hurt, and if someone recalls only your really-old-address, they can still connect because LinkedIn knows that it is still you.

The more things change…

Three years later and it’s interesting that the same basic issues remain.

But hey – it’s always nice to review things;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock


  1. Hi. HELP. The email account I set up my profile with is no longer active and I can’t remember my password to get into my profile. What can I do?


  2. I have been made redundant and cant access my Linked account as my work email address does now not exist and need to amend it to the above , please advise

    Sandra Pilkington

  3. Sandra,

    Just because an email address is no longer valid doesn’t mean you can’t login to LinkedIn with it – if you know your password.

    Try logging in with your last known (guessed) password. If successful, you can add your private email, confirm it, and make it primary.

    If you can’t guess it, you’ll have to try the “get help from LinkedIn” route (see the link above). I can’t say that I see a lot of people happy with their results, but that’s about it.

    There isn’t much else I can offer, sorry.


  4. So, if I only have one email address and I can’t remember my password, I’m really screwed as far as LinkedIn goes? And linked in’s help with remembering my password is a total lie, there is no help, just endless robot words to be deciphered and that is endless – it never ends— another lie and an endless waste of time. and this is the truth not the written word on the LinkedIn website. I have grown to really hate LinkedIn— it’s just totally impossible. I am not looking for work, just looking at information about other people. somehow my only email address became known to LinkedIn and because of this now it is impossible for me to join and use this website. Isn’t there a way for me to erase their knowledge of my email address to I could start over fresh with this stupid LinkedIn thing?

  5. Annabelle,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.

    I have not heard of problems resetting passwords on the LinkedIn site such as yours. You might check your browser versions and spam filtering.

    If you cannot access the account through the email address you have, your best bet is to use the web form to contact LinkedIn support and ask them to remove the account.

    Best of luck,

  6. hi please help me I signed into linkedin with my work email I no longer work there and I cant access my account because I Dont know the password the email used was felicia@xxx please help as i wana be able to access this account again and would like to change the email to XXX.

  7. Sorry to hear Felicia. You’ll need to contact LinkedIn.

    (because you realize, I’m an author, and this is my outsider’s view of LinkedIn, right?)

  8. I had to change my email address because my old one was hacked when i try to login to linked in it makes me use my old email address how can i fix this so i can log in with my new email address

  9. Ryan,

    Follow the link above – “Changing Your LinkedIn Email”. The steps may look different, but that’s what you have to do. You login with the primary one.


  10. I have tried to change my email address by LinkedIn changed my password and I can’t get to it because I changed companies. I’ve tried that new thing they have to scan an ID but I’ve never heard back from them. Is there hope? If there is, can I get the steps on how to fix it? Thanks.

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