Has your email ever changed?

Well guess what – changing email addresses on LinkedIn remains one of the top issues, so in the interests of helping a new generation of LinkedIn users, we’ll cover the topic again.

The first go-around

One of my internal rules is that I really shouldn’t cover the exact same topic again, so if you’re reading this because you need to change the email you use within LinkedIn, please read the original article here:

Changing Your LinkedIn Email

And do those things – ok?-)

Sending it where?

And if you send your LinkedIn email to some account you check once or twice a month, please read this article:

Where to Send LinkedIn Email

Though I can’t say that this behavior is all that common any more…

Don’t remove them…

And to repeat – there isn’t a very good reason to take email addresses off your account. By all means add new ones as needed, and set your personal email as primary, but go ahead and leave the old ones in there.

It doesn’t hurt, and if someone recalls only your really-old-address, they can still connect because LinkedIn knows that it is still you.

The more things change…

Three years later and it’s interesting that the same basic issues remain.

But hey – it’s always nice to review things;-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock