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The LinkedIn Personal Trainer – For A Dollar

25 Nov 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


To all US readers – I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

This past year has seen its share of both highs and lows in my own life, and I remain optimistic, happy, and thankful.

And I’m glad to give back.

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Changing your LinkedIn Email – Again

24 Nov 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Has your email ever changed?

Well guess what – changing email addresses on LinkedIn remains one of the top issues, so in the interests of helping a new generation of LinkedIn users, we’ll cover the topic again.

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Connecting To Your Past With LinkedIn

22 Nov 2010 | : Connections


Great feedback from David – a recent purchasers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer, he mentions that he’s finding people from his past that he’d forgotten about.

And that is a great side effect for people with a long career, let’s have a look.

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Connecting To Company Insiders

18 Nov 2010 | : Connections


Interesting email discussions with Brett this week – should he connect to his company’s main HR manager…

My simple answer brought us to a side conversation, and it’s worth looking at.

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Corporate Intel Through LinkedIn

16 Nov 2010 | : Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I meant to focus this article on job search strategies in general, and Google in particular, but the information I picked up distracted me from that topic…

It’s quite interesting to see the linkages, activity, and relative information you can pick out of LinkedIn – when you’re looking.

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Dice Advertising On LinkedIn

12 Nov 2010 | : Jobs


Since it’s Friday, I thought a nice light-hearted post would be in order – and then I noticed the advertisement on my LinkedIn home page – from Dice!-)

That’s a great lead in – why would Dice want to advertise on LinkedIn?  Let’s look at what people and organizations find successful in the job search space…

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LinkedIn On Your Email Or Business Card

10 Nov 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’m increasingly finding people including their LinkedIn profile within their email signature or on their business card – that’s great!

I’m also finding people that are using the auto-generated random-character terrible-looking profile link – and that’s awful!

So, in the interest of keeping people from embarrassing themselves, I’ll bring this topic back up from a couple years ago…

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Changing LinkedIn Industries

09 Nov 2010 | : Profiles


From the reader mailbag this week – Niki would like to know about her “Industry” setting

She’s been in one industry but wants to move to another, and already identifies with it, but doesn’t want to misstate that on her profile.

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