Dice Advertising On LinkedIn

Since it’s Friday, I thought a nice light-hearted post would be in order – and then I noticed the advertisement on my LinkedIn home page – from Dice!-)

That’s a great lead in – why would Dice want to advertise on LinkedIn?  Let’s look at what people and organizations find successful in the job search space…

LinkedIn for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is on the short list of everyone’s job hunting advice – for good reason!

Check out the “jobs” archive tab in the column to the right – I’ve written about how LinkedIn can be used in many different ways and in many different articles.

Success stories – I’ve got ’em.

Techniques and tips – they’re there.

Intricacies for particular situations – covered a couple of them as well.

The one I’ll call out is where I hope to never again have to give advice to a newly unemployed person that is just starting to look for a job, network, and use LinkedIn – because they should have been doing those last two things already!

Read “Four Essential Networking Components For Every Business Professional“.


LinkedIn has the job seekers

It is absolutely clear that LinkedIn has the job seekers.

It provides a leg up.

So if your target market is job seekers, advertising on LinkedIn makes sense!

LinkedIn job postings less common

Sure LinkedIn allows people to post jobs, and my interactions with companies using it indicates the quality of responses is high – so it is effective.

But perhaps the LinkedIn service is less well known, and there’s still space to attract job seekers…

Technology mind share

And Dice does seem to have a very good reputation within technology.

Who cares where prospects come from – I’m sure Dice does a cost / benefit analysis on the ads and can say that for every thousand they spend with LinkedIn, they meet or exceed the response rate of other advertising efforts…

Check the company, check the people

And so if you’re looking for work, by all means click on the Dice ad within LinkedIn – but don’t forget to come back to LinkedIn to do a background check on the company and people involved.

You do that, don’t you?-)

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock