Connecting To Your Past With LinkedIn

Great feedback from David – a recent purchasers of The LinkedIn Personal Trainer, he mentions that he’s finding people from his past that he’d forgotten about.

And that is a great side effect for people with a long career, let’s have a look.

Former co-workers

Let’s say you’ve been working for 20 years across three companies and five different projects. You’ve undoubtedly been working with a large number of different people.

And how internet and web connected were those people fifteen years ago?

Probably not so well connected…

Connections’ connections

The topic of viewing your connections’ connections came up way back in the beginning – and I wrote “A Matter Of Trust” in 2008.

But one great way to find people you enjoyed working with on a specific job or project is to first find one – and then see who they connect to.

Issue still remains

And yes, some LinkedIn users don’t allow their connections to browse other connections – and my advice / comments stay the same – it is a matter of trust.

And no matter what you adopt as a setting, understand the statement you are making.

The way-back machine

The other nice aspect of re-connecting with former co-workers is that as long as they maintain their LinkedIn presence, you don’t have to update your address book – you can always get in touch through LinkedIn.


So even if your memory is failing you – take a stroll through your new connections’ connections and give it a bit of a jog.

I expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock