Corporate Intel Through LinkedIn

I meant to focus this article on job search strategies in general, and Google in particular, but the information I picked up distracted me from that topic…

It’s quite interesting to see the linkages, activity, and relative information you can pick out of LinkedIn – when you’re looking.

Job Postings on LinkedIn

As mentioned in my last post – LinkedIn can help you hire great employees through the jobs tab.

And if it’s good enough for Google, it ought to be good enough for you;-)

Yes, Google has some 1300 positions posted on LinkedIn. Now Google also has 58 jobs posted on Monster, so it’s not like they’re exclusive or anything…

Types of positions

You get a good idea of the growth in a company by looking at its open positions.

In NYC, Google is looking for sales, marketing and delivery people – imagine that;-)

But there also happens to be a significant Google technology presence in the city and so a number of tech positions happen to be available as well.

Who do I know…

Following the logic, I thought I’d see who I might be able to reach at Google.

It became a bit of a joke as only 739 current Google employees know someone that I know…

How I know them

And that led me to the one thing I couldn’t easily find out – a ranked list of my direct connections by how many people within Google they happen to connect to – drat;-)

But I did find that West coast emigres, recruiters, and students and professors I knew back at the university seemed to be the most connected to Googlites.

If I really wanted to know…

And if I really wanted to know what was happening at another company, you can see how all of these bits of information might fit together to paint an interesting picture, no?

Something to think on…

To your continued success,


Steven Tylock