Employment Satisfaction Distraction – Guess What!

On February 1st, I boldly proclaimed:

“I’m absolutely certain that every major news site will soon be reporting that a cadre of unhappy workers are all looking for something better.”

Guess what I just found…

Mainstreet.com reports

I was excited to read this article. (Yes, I have  a “find all things LinkedIn” search bot that brings things to my attention;-)

As Employment Grows, Americans Are Itching to Change Jobs

That says among other things:

  • 79% of US workers “were planning on looking for a new job once the economy improves.”
  • 50% felt they had no choice but to search for a better career path elsewhere.
  • 28% say they were mistreated and wouldn’t mind sticking it to their employer.

Now that’s just me paraphrasing Mainstreet, but I think if you read the original, you’ll see that I’ve got it about right!

Majority looking for something new!

That statement is looking even better – when other people repeat it.

Read the original post here: Employment Satisfaction Distraction

And for those employers that have a clue – if you play musical chairs well, you just might attract the very best workers.

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To your continued success,

Steven Tylock