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LinkedIn Snowmageddon

09 Feb 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


What happens to your job search when there’s an unexpected foot or two of snow outside?

Nothing – when you’re able to pick up the slack on LinkedIn!

Several kinds of people couldn’t get to work yesterday, and tomorrow’s not looking so hot either. What’s a job seeker (or salesman) to do?

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Poll Reveals Introverts Prefer LinkedIn!

04 Feb 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


January’s poll results are in – of people who claim to network in the real world infrequently, 85% say that they use LinkedIn heavily or modestly.

I guess it is true – those that don’t like to get out of the house do like LinkedIn – but that can’t be the only wildly shocking data this poll reveals.

Let’s see what else…

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LinkedIn Profile Customization

02 Feb 2010 | : Profiles


LinkedIn just released a feature on customizing your profile – you may now alter the default order of the sections.

I’m trying to find a compelling reason to do so or something to say about why this is phenomenal, but I really can’t…

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